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Welcome to our Newest Member Quibble Hill Winery!

After visiting several other small farm wineries in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky; and after producing a few pretty good wines from small wine kits; Jamie and Steve Kraft were hooked, ​and their journey began.

"One day, Steve looked at me and said, “We should build our own winery!” At first, I wasn’t very happy with the idea of retiring only to continue working, but after all, we need something to do. And so, Quibble Hill Winery began. In early 2013 we cleared a corner of our property that used to be an old duck pond and mostly scrub trees, and we now have a two story log cabin style winery. Bottom floor is the fermentation and production area, and the top floor is our tasting room. We planted 60 vines three years ago and planted another 100 this spring. We really enjoy having people out to sample our wines, and to relax on the front porch overlooking the vineyard."

Quibble Hill Winery is located in Depauw, but only 4 miles from Palmyra. From Palmyra, take 150 West. Take the first left on Tree Drive. Left on Corydon Ramsey Rd. Right on Kennedy Mott Rd. Then take a right onto Gowers Lane. It is a private drive, but come on back. They are also handicapped accessible. Drive behind the rear of the winery and park on the north side with the handicap ramp entrance.

Quibble Hill Winery Hours of operation: Wed - Sun: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Quibble = a minor objection
Whine = to snivel or complain

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Welcome to our newest Chamber Member!

Puckett & Son Pallet, LLC located on 510 Steelco Circle in Corydon is a manufacturer of new wooden pallets. Puckett & Son Pallet will build pallets to your custom specifications. For additional information please call Ph#502-640-5837

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Welcome to our newest Chamber Member!

Since 1984, Accu-Chek, Inc. has been serving the calibration and inspection needs of the quality industry. Their business has grown to more than 900 customers in 15 states. They provide a wide range of services for the automotive, aerospace, medical, computer, fluid power, appliance, and many other industries.

Accu-Chek, Inc. is a family owned and operated quality assurance organization. They are dedicated to building business partnerships so that you, our customer, consider us one of your family members.

Accu-chek is also the founding member of Quality Solutions, the nationwide hardness tester network for sales, service, and product development on a full range of testers from portables to automatic inline units.

Accu-Chek, Inc. provides in-house and on-site calibration services for a wide variety of dimensional, metallurgical, and electronic equipment utilizing factory-trained technicians, we also specialize in the repair of most of the equipment we calibrate. Their ISO 17025 scope of accreditation is one of the largest in the country!

Accu-Chek, Inc. is located on 1015 Old Forest Road in Corydon. For additional information please visit http://www.aciquality.com/